Room of Fear is 2d shooter, it has a nice pixel art style. The main goal of the game is to kill all the demons using guns and traps. Boss is included.
Main hero is a good guy, but was send to hell for no reason. He doesn't agree with the results, found a gun and wants to kill all the daemons before they eat him. He tries to escape the hell, will he do that?

On project worked:

- Alex Lisnic (dev):

- Andrei Gusan (dev):

- Igor (art):

Install instructions

WASD - move
mouse 1 (left button) - shoot
mouse 2 -(right button) put trap
1, 2 - change weapon
Tab - change trap


Download 15 MB
Room of Fear (Mac).zip 19 MB
Room of Fear (Linux).zip 19 MB

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